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Predictable Disasters

  • Rain/Floods :

    Rain :
    In the Union Territory, rain is expected through South West monsoon during June to August in Mahe Region and as well through North east monsoon during August to December in Puducherry, Karaikal and Yanam region.

    Flood :
    It is expected due to heavy downpour and cloud bursts during peak rain periods and may happen due to cyclonic storm.

    Preparedness :
    This department will open control rooms to get link with Department of Revenue and Disaster Management to know how the stages of disaster. Men and Material will be equipped and Taskforce will be kept ready to coordinate with Department of Revenue and disaster Management and with department control room.
    In order to dewater the rain flood/inundation the motor pumpset and Generator will be kept ready and in the event of power failure in order to maintain uninterrupted water supply, the Generator will be kept ready for deployment in all the pumping stations/Over Head Tanks.
    In the event of flood due to heavy rain, the Taskforces will be deployed for patrolling on banks of river and they will be provided with sand bags and casurina poles to arrest the breach of bank.

    Operation :
    during rain /flood time, the Task force will be put on 24 hours duty under the control of one Assistant Engineer. The control rooms will also run 24 hours and the event of happening/accident /incident, immediately it will be conveyed to the Taskforce deployed in the concerned region and in turn the action taken will get reported back to control room so as to appraise the Government.

  • Cyclone :

    Preparedness :
    The stage/veracity/speed of cyclone/depression location and other details will be obtained from the Department of Revenue and disaster Management and Indian Metrological Department, and the divisions will be informed about the movement and expected zone of crossing/attack.

    Operation :
    During the cyclonic storm, which coupled with rain, the Taskforce will be engaged on duty for 24 hours and the control rooms will also run for 24 hours. The fallen tress will be removed with in the maximum possible time space on receipt of the event. However if major tree falls, the branches will be truncated and the movement of traffic will be restored early. Similarly, the motor pumpset and Generator set will be put into operation for dewatering the cyclone floods. All pump house and OHT will be supported with 24 hours Generator backup to upkeep uninterrupted water supply.