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Preparatory Stage

As this Zone is severely exposed to North east/South west monsoon which are coupled with rain and cyclone, the disaster management of the Public Works Department, Puducherry has been given below :

  • A Central Control Room will function in the Central Office from the last week of September to Second Week of December during day and night as well as on holidays.
  • The urgent calls from Public/ line Departments will be communicated to the concerned Divisions then and there for taking up remedial measures.
  • In Puducherry there are eight divisions and two circles and each circle/ division will have their own control room and field emergency squads. Similarly in Karaikal, Mahe and Yanam regions also control rooms will be set up and will have link with the central office, Puducherry.
  • Besides in order to team up with DEPARTMENT OF REVENE AND DISASTER MANAGEMENT, Firka level work groups will also be formed.
  • The Roads Division will be prepared with men and machineries to clear the fallen trees, diversion of floods, pumping out of water in the low lying areas.
  • The Water Supply Division will take care of uninterrupted water supply with Generator set and with required manpower in the event of power failure. Also disinfection of water supply will be ensured to avoid any incidence of epidemics.
  • The Irrigation Division will deploy men and machineries to have a day and night watch over all the river/ canal banks. Sand bags will be kept ready to use for restoring breaches, strengthening the bunds etc., the clearing of the obstructions in the linear waterways of irrigation structures to maintain the free flow of floodwater will also be monitored.
  • The Building division will deploy their manpower to maintain all the Government Buildings.
  • As this is a less priority sector, the excess manpower in building divisions will also be used to other emergency sectors.
  • All together in the Union territory around 2500 men will be utilized during the monsoon period/disaster situation to restore and maintain normality.

However, due to rapid rise in agglomeration and haphazard colony development, the well-established field irrigation drainage system is no more in place and the department has to investigate the potential requirement and to redesign the flood management system.
So far the Department has the French established major irrigation/ drainage system which becomes inoperative at most places during the flood time as the grading of the canals has become functionless due to rise in sea level, climate change and so many other indirect parameters.