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Who's who

Photo Name Designation Address Phone Email Fax
Shri. C.P. Radhakrishnan,His Excellency the Lt.Governor of Puducherry Shri. C.P. Radhakrishnan. Lt. Governor of Puducherry - +91-413-2334051 lg[at]py[dot]gov[dot]in- -
Shri. K. LAKSHMINARAYANAN,Hon'ble Minister for Public Works Shri. K. LAKSHMINARAYANAN Hon'ble Minister for Public Works - +91-413-2338181 pwdmin[at]py[dot]gov[dot]in -
Dr Sharat Chauhan, I.A.S., Chief Secretary to Government Dr Sharat Chauhan, I.A.S, (AGMU:1994) Chief Secretary to Government - +91-413-2334145, 2335512 cs[dot]pon[at]nic[dot]in +91-413-2337575
Shri. Jayanta Kumar Ray, I.A.S. (AGMU:2011) Shri. Jayanta Kumar Ray, I.A.S. (AGMU:2011) Secretary to Govt. (Works) - -0413-2334144 secpwd[at]py[dot]gov[dot]in -
Chief Engineer Dr.M. DHINADHAYALAN Chief Engineer - +91-413-2338233 cepwd[dot]pon[at]gov[dot]in +91-413-2331815