Heritage Buildings Maintained by PWD

Sl No. Description
1. Rajnivas
2. Legislative Assembly
3. Gandhi Statue (Beach)
4. Ayi Mandapam
5. PWD Office
6. Calve College
7. V.O.C. School
8. Susilabai School
9. Water Supply System by Steam Engine (during French Regime)


Palais du Gouvernement

Built at the end of 18th century, after the total destruction of the town by British in 1761, on the space where the Hotel de la Compagnie once stood. The plan, prepared by engineer Bourcet, was based on the model of weekend houses which were then fashionable in France. In 1820 the upper storey was further beautified by Engineer Spinasse. It has been altered and expanded many times and now serves as office and residence of Pondicherry's Lieutenant Governor.

Raj Nivas Raj Nivas

Legislative Assembly

Originally a 19th century residence, subsequently housed the Tribunal, and later the Medical College until 1961. The Assembly moved in here after Pondicherry became Union Territory in 1963. In its garden, the Cercle de Pondicherry was built in 1930.

Legislative Assembly Legislative Assembly

Gandhi Statue (Beach)

Gandhi Square Gandhi Square

Barathi Park (4 corners around Ayi Mandapam)

This site was the seed from which the settlement of Pondicherry germinated during the end of the seventeenth century and grew to its present form. Originally there was a star shaped fort of the French with a community wise distribution of the native people around. In 1761, the entire settlement was razed by the British and the whole town soared up again on the old footprints. The fort here was not reconstructed but the open space was used as the parade ground for military troops and later as the government square (Place du Gouvernement) with stately public buildings around. The park monument was erected by the order of Napoleon III in memory of a lady who offered her house for a tank to be built from which water was drawn to this area. Several pillars and sculptures were brought from Senji to adorn the park and in 1930 extensive development plans were worked by the French engineers. Still most of the public buildings have survived and presently the park is known after the poet-patriot Barathi.

Barathi Park Barathi Park

Hotel de la Monnaie (present PWD Building )

Built after the restitution of Pondicherry to French in 1765, it functioned as the Mint until 1840, when it was closed down unable to withstand the British attempts to paralyse the minting operations in Pondicherry.

PWD Office PWD Office

Calve College

Originally a private school funded by Calve Suppraya Chettiar, the foundation was laid in 1875 and started functioning as government school for the secular education of Hindu and Muslim children in 1877.

VOC School VOC School

V.O.C. School

This school was started by the hard work of YIAL BERRY ON 17TH October 1885 in a rental building . This school stands as an example of French style school; one part of this building was built on 16th November 1886 and was completed after one year. This building is in the junction of Needarajappar Street and Mission Street with beautiful French kind of fence wall. This building has a majestic entrance with 12 classrooms in shape with good ventilation. It has two guard rooms, each one in the entrance corners. In the 12 class rooms 8 have masonry partition in it and other four class rooms have temporary partition which can be removed at times of function, gatherings and common exams. This building has its entrance in Mission Street and its exit in Needarajappar Street. Each class room is with 23 feet in length, 23 feet in breadth and 18 feet in height. It has 12 feet wide thalvarm encircling the classrooms, the classrooms have wide doors and window, this proportion of openings provide sufficient and healthy ambience to live. Now this building is restored with its French Architecture.


Susilabai School

vysial street vysial street

Water Supply System by Steam Engine (during French Regime)

The shown steam engineer was used for the Water Supply to the Puducherry town during the French Regime.

vysial street vysial street

Major buildings constructed by PWD

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